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Whyalla Secondary College is an ATRiUM focus school which will be evident in everything we do in years 7 to 12. Instead of differentiating the places for education, we are focusing on providing a personalised differentiated curriculum that enhances student voice, choice and engagement, to make the most of every student’s learning journey. In addition to traditional subject knowledge and skills, our curriculum will have a central focus on the ATRiUM capabilities where students will be actively learning, creatively thinking, relating to others, using language through symbols, ICT and being able to manage self. Competency in all five capabilities will assist students in developing effective employability skills, setting them up for success as empowered community citizens.

If you would like to do further reading about the ATRiUM Philosophy the books can be purchased through the links below.

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A – The colour orange symbolises enthusiasm, encouragement and elevated alertness. This colour is associated with improved social behaviour within the classroom. Orange is also related to the ATRiUM capability of Active Learning, which provides students with access, participation, engagement and communication to the curriculum.

T – Research links green to optimism and concentration. Green is known to broaden a person’s thoughts and enhance creative thinking. The ATRiUM capability of Thinking is linked to the colour green through students’ ability to develop their cognitive thinking and problem-solving skills.

R – Purple relates to high levels of wisdom; the ability to promote positive thoughts with others. It also helps to encourage introspection, which is the examination or observation of other emotions. Purple links to an ATRiUM capability of Relating to Others, through verbal and non-verbal communication methods used in learning, and the ability to understand and respect each other’s emotions.

iU – Blue is frequently associated with technology, security and intelligence. Another ATRiUM capability is the Use of Language, Symbols and ICT. The colour blue is closely connected to this capability through the use of technology and development of ICT skills, to support with reading, writing, speaking and viewing in learning.

M– Grey or Black is often referred to authority, power, self-control, independence and strength. Managing Self is the ATRiUM capability that focuses on the strength to ignore distraction and persevere when challenged by a problem. It also represents the ability for a person to self-regulate and manage impulses.

‘Designing Environments for Children and Adults with ASD’ and ‘The Inclusive Classroom: The effects of colour on learning behaviours’ academic paper
Internet sources from Connie Glover, General Manager at BFX has all provided a greater understanding of the way that colours can be applied within learning environments
The Sustainable Learning – Inclusive practice book written by Lorraine Graham, Jeanette Berman and Anne Bellert

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