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FLO Redesign – Introducing Tailored Learning Provision for 2024


Over the past two years the Department for Education has been working to redesign Flexible Learning Options (FLO) to improve support for at-risk young people and keep them engaged with school.

Following significant consultation with key stakeholders, the department has developed a new model called the Tailored Learning Provision (TLP). 

The goal of the TLP model is to better support young people who are vulnerable to chronic non-attendance, early school leaving and education disengagement to remain connected to school and ultimately improve learning outcomes.

Our school has been invited to further develop the TLP model during 2024. We are the only sample school selected, that does not FLO enrol students.

We are currently working closely with the department to understand the practical operations of TLP model and will be seeking student and staff feedback and learnings during the coming year.

You can read further detail on the South Australia Tailored Learning Provision model here:

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